Podcasts Are Golden

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The Golden Age of media in America and abroad (like i.e radio, television, writing, illustrations) were astonishing times that influenced how media should strive to be. Many of the groundbreaking artists and entertainers of Golden Age media are long gone, but the Golden Age of media is alive and well virtually for us to relive or discover. 

Welcome to CulturalHistoryPodcasts.com! Using a web utility Media Calendar designed by a Media Education professional, CulturalHistoryPodcasts.com features podcasts each day of each month of selected audio books and links to selected Golden Age media. Unlike anywhere else on the web, podcast media is presented in an extremely organized way that honors Golden Age media as it should, but more important makes the podcast media easy-to-use for both, individuals and groups with group leaders.

To insure resourceful and entertaining book discussions and Cultural History discussions, CHP provides secured webpages for posting group podcasts/comments and Media Calendars can be customized by community groups for their own engaging and organized podcast media experiences.


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